This Week in LGBTQ Twitter: The raid at Mar-a-Lago vs. Mx. Potato Head

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ImageTwitter is understandably preoccupied this week with the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago over the very serious issue of potentially stealing nuclear weapons-related documents from the White House. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh (and/or an exasperated sigh) about it. Related: Log Cabin Republicans compare FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid to Stonewall riot & it didn’t go over well Sinclair Sexsmith is saying what we’re all thinking/feeling right now. what — and I cannot stress this next part enough — the fuck — Sinclair Sexsmith (@MrSexsmith) August 12, 2022 Just don’t say it in front of NPR. Fuck the fuck off. — Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) August 12, 2022 Looking for a more lighthearted retort? Just heard someone say “slap my ass and call me Mamma Mia 2, because here we go again!” and I will be finding an appropriate time to use that in the future!! — Ryan (@thisismeryan13) August 11, 2022 The above would both be appropriate responses to recent Republican shenanigans. Lindsey Graham ignored a subpoena and didn't show up in a Georgia courtroom today. When asked why he replied, "Because I couldn't find my other glove" — Paul Rudnick (@PaulRudnickNY) August 11, 2022 Speaking of subpoenas, Gwendolyn Ann Smith offers a timely update to our cultural lexicon. PROPOSAL: scandals no longer get a “-gate” suffix. The new suffix of choice should be “-a-lago” — Gwendolyn Ann Smith (@gwenners) August 11, 2022 As long as we’re talking about parts of speech… Non-binary, white, and looking for a new name? honestly white nonbinaries need to get into gaelic names instead of east asian ones, look how many vowels there are that's so nonbinary — saccharineStrategist (@sundaysundya) August 11, 2022 Need new pronouns too? In an alternative timeline, Hank Hill has you covered. non-binary hank hill voice: pronouns and pronoun accessories — Bugs Maytrix ImageImageImage 25% off! (@bugsmaytrix) August 11, 2022 What are “pronoun accessories,” you ask? We’re not sure, but we’re here for it. Perhaps Mx. Potato Head has some ideas. Sure stealing nuclear secrets is bad but have you considered the threat of a gender-neutral Mr. Potato Head — Thor Benson (@thor_benson) August 12, 2022

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