Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for saying teachers are “monsters” turning kids transgender

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ImageRep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is getting mocked online for suggesting that teachers are lying to boys to turn them into transgender women. “Parents raise your boys to be men and protect them from teachers who try to deceive them to become women,” Greene wrote. “Guard your children from such monsters in these evil days.” Parents raise your boys to be men and protect them from teachers who try to deceive them to become women. Guard your children from such monsters in these evil days. — Rep. Marjorie Taylor GreeneImage (@RepMTG) August 14, 2022 Her post doesn’t seem to be a reference to any specific story, since this isn’t something that happens in the real world. Several of her supporters responded with stories about teachers using their transgender students’ pronouns, which is not what Greene was discussing. Greene’s critics, on the other hand, mocked her for her latest conspiracy theory. This evil idiot is what you get when you ban books. — Jo Image (@JoJoFromJerz) August 14, 2022 It is genuinely baffling to me that, after 246 years in this country, educators are suddenly, without exception, and with absolutely no discernible motivation, trying to “deceive (boys) to become women.” Look in your mirror, Marje.
The “monsters in these evil days” are you. — 𝐒𝐧𝐨𝐳𝐳𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫Image (@Snozz_Wanger) August 14, 2022 My husband was a teacher as are many of my friends.NONE of them do that but encourage their students to be accepting of ALL of their fellow students. — Deb McD. aka Towanda in SC (@DebMcD007) August 14, 2022 I get it. Your attacks on teachers are deeply personal. You hold them responsible for not giving you the education you should’ve had, which turned you into the monster you are today. — The Dark SmiteImage (@7Veritas4) August 14, 2022 You know what’s strange, I raised 4 men and not one teacher along the way tried to turn them into womenImageAlthough more women is exactly what this world needs. Why do you hate women so much @RepMTG — Kim (@Kim79661484) August 14, 2022 provide evidence that a single 'teacher' has 'talked' a boy into 'becoming a woman' . Also, are you not concerned that they are talking girls into becoming a man? Or is it that you are just against drag queens reading to children. Really, your bigotry is beyond belief. — Roxann Image Image @I_want_my_tax_money_back (@Roxann_Jane_Doe) August 14, 2022 I’m a middle school teacher.
I only want your sons to wear deodorant and shower more than once a week. With soap. Thanks. — Zingamomma-OfJasonImageImageImageImageImage (@tubawidow) August 14, 2022 Parents raise your children to be open minded, accepting of others, loving and compassionate. Teach them not to be fearmongering bigots. — Democracy Restored (@GhostOfDemocra2) August 14, 2022 Parents raise your boys to be men who respect women, and know when someone’s trying to stir the pot for political gain. — Kal – Those who don’t think, don’t question. (@TruthJustis4USA) August 14, 2022 Parents, raise your children to be curious, accepting, kind people who believe in science and facts. The exact opposite of Marge Greene — MIGIRLINVA (@MIGIRLINVA1) August 15, 2022 You obsess over this so much. How about we thank teachers for their hours invested in our children. How about we encourage our children to be loving, compassionate and tolerant. How about we accept our children however they identify. — Lauren ImageImage (@MNLakesGirl) August 14, 2022

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